Refund Policy

Cancellation policy

Sometimes there is some dissatisfaction regarding the product or service due to which the customers request to cancel the service subscriptions. But it is not sure that we refund the customer’s amount he invested. Therefore go through the refund policy section and read the points carefully before canceling.

Refund Policy

For this thing, there are some conditions where the customer is liable for claiming to refund the services. There are times when the company give cold shoulders and take big time to resolve their problems. At such situations, the company is liable to give back the customer’s money.

To cancel any ongoing service the customer should contact the Printer support number.

It has the right to cancel or reject any service.

For applying to take money back when the customer is not satisfied with the services of any support service, it is to be ensured that no damage or loss is done. If it is so then there will be no refund.

Printer Support will not be responsible and will not return any money to the customer if there is a failure of hardware or any accessories.

Kindly before applying for this go through the terms and conditions as well as refund policy points.